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Spring Fling
Hot Fun in the Summertime
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Spring Fling

Spring is in the air and buds are popping out at Sunshine Grow Shop. Come wander the Garden paths and discover the variety of flowering plants. You won’t want to miss Spring Fling at Sunshine Grow Shop!

To assist in planning your Spring Garden, we've outlined a few plants that do particularly well during this season of rejuvenation.

Pansies grow well in sunny or partially sunny positions in well-draining soils, and can survive light freezes and short periods of snow. That's one of the things that make Pansies a perfect plant for early spring planting.

This hybrid is heralding praise for its outstanding performance. This is not momma's old fashioned Alyssum. This is a very vigerous heat-loving, sun loving alyssum that does not peter out in the summertime. It trails to 18" to 24". Use instead of Pacopa, you'll like it better! The Lubularia is available in Silver Stream, Lavander Stream, and Snow Princess colors.

Dragon Wing Begonia plants fill in fast to form lush garden beds that last up to the first frost. Use Dragon Wing Begonias as the focus of stunning mixed or solo containers and hanging baskets. Dragon Wing also combines well with other shade or partial shade varieties.

The Vista Series offers a vigorous, mounding plant that is ideal in containers, mass plantings and borders. Blooming all season long to add beautiful annual color to any sunny garden. This is probably the best perfoming petunia series on the market!

Snapdragons are often considered as cold-season annual plants and do best in full or partial sun, in well drained soil (although they do require regular watering). Snapdragons have stalks of brightly colored flowers that are especially profuse in cooler weather. They start blooming at the bottom of the stalk and work their way up.

Alyssum plants, usually used as a border plant, also look really good growing in the nooks and crannies of a rock garden. They are good candidates for container gardens, too. Alyssum is available in white, pink, violet, purple and lavendar. Alyssum like full to partial sun. Once established, they will grow well until the first frost.