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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial beginning of Summer, offering lots of activities like fun with family and friends, hiking, biking, cookouts, and of course summer gardening. Let your "Hot Fun in the Summertime" start with a trip to your local Sunshine Grow Shop. Our knowledgeable staff know which plants will flourish in the heat.

To assist in planning your Summer Garden, we've outlined some plants that do particularly well in the heat of summer.

Whether the summer is dry or wet, hot or cold, Vinca plugs along unfazed.  It makes a great container plant, or group eight or more together in a bed or border for the best effect.  Vinca will keep an almost unreal-looking, glossy green flowers and pretty pink, lavendar or red flowers that look like tiny parasols.

Moss rose is the gardener's choice for the hottest, driest, most problematic spots in the garden .  This succulent plant thrives in heat, drought, and lousy soil, rewarding gardeners with nonstop color. Coming in sunny warm reds, oranges, magentas, and yellows, moss rose looks at home in a sun-drenched area. There's also a whole pastel color palette for moss rose -- creamy white, pink, and peach varieties. It often happily reseeds, coming back every year with gusto.

Angelonia is also called Summer Snapdragon, and once you get a good look at it, you'll know why. It has salvia-like flower spires that reach a foot or 2 high, but they're studded with fascinating snapdragon-like flowers with beautiful colorations in purple, white, or pink. It's the perfect plant for adding bright color to hot, sunny spaces. This tough plant blooms all summer long with spirelike spikes of blooms.

Cleome is a unique flower with long delicate spines growing from the central stalk and spiral arranged petals.  The Queen Mix variety has flowers in rose, purple, cherry, and white. Cleome plants reach up to 3' tall and seed abundantly.  Cleome can handle full sun to partial shade.

Pentas bloom all summer long, even during the hottest weather, with large clusters of starry blooms that attract butterflies by the dozens as well as hummingbirds. The plant grows well in containers and in the ground -- and it can even make a good houseplant if you have enough light.

This succulent, heat-loving plant also happens to be delicious to eat.  May people eat Purslane in salads.  All purslane needs to grow is part to full sun and clear ground. They are not picky about soil type or nutrition. But, Purslane does tend to grow better in drier soil.

This rugged tender perennial is so low-maintenance, it thrives on heat and neglect! Rounded clusters of blooms in a myriad of exciting color combinations will fill patio containers, hanging baskets and even borders with sunny color throughout the summer season. Hummingbirds and butterflies love these charmers, too.

Lysimachia, also known as Golden Creeping Jenny is a low-growing, rampant, evergreen groundcover with rounded, golden yellow leaves. In summer, it produces many cup-shaped, bright yellow flowers. This cultivar can withstand damper soils than many other types of ground covers and can tolerate limited foot traffic.  Grow in a moist, but well-drained soil, rich in organic matter. Soil should not dry out in summer. Full sun or partial shade, but color is best in full sun.

Dark-leaf begonias (Begonia "Dark Leaf Ruby") are tuberous hybrid plants that produce dark green leaves and deep red flowers. They're ideal for growing outdoors in a container or a garden. They prefer moist but well-drained soil, partial shade and plenty of fertilizer. They bloom all summer and into the fall, and are very heat-tolerant. They require little care and are resistant to most pests.